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Lady Liberty Hong Kong


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Lady Liberty Hong Kong

DDDDHK has undertaken a rebranding initiative for Lady Liberty Hong Kong (LLHK) by introducing a new brand identity that reflects the organization's new vision. The primary objective is to create a versatile brand tool that can support LLHK's future development.

The LLHK logo redesign aims to provide guidance, spark new thinking, and embody the unwavering spirit of the Hong Kongers. By infusing elements of action and movement into the LLHK statue, our goal is to offer new perspectives and transform it from a static representation into a dynamic and progressive form. Additionally, we have enhanced the overall tone and style of the LLHK image by carefully designing the typography to evoke sophistication and contemporary appeal.

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Action Creates Liberty

We believe that liberty is not given by any authority, it has to be found and fought for. To strive for liberty, One has to be aware, choose and act upon oppressions to create the presence of liberty in a society.





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