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Hong Kong Post-2019

Image source: Studio Incendo

Hong Kong’s autonomy has come under sustained attack since summer 2019. Democratic privileges have been stripped, replaced by harsh new security laws designed to outlaw any criticism of the CCP. 

The Hong Kong we used to know is fading. Many proud Hong Kongers have been forced to leave the city or face the prospect of arrest and imprisonment. 

What is left of Hong Kong, and where does the pro-democracy movement go from here? 

DDDDDHK is a place for the global Hong Konger diaspora to voice ideas about the future of the movement and our post-2019 identity. 


We Ask

Image source: Mpweekly

What is our identity and
how can we connect Hong Kongers in diaspora?

Hong Kong(ers) will exist beyond any geographical area or social structure, so we must reframe our identity and forge a new global community. No single group of Hong Kongers can define the post-2019 identity, which is for every one of us to explore.


We Must

Be a voice for those who stayed.

Some Hong Kongers choose to stay behind, or have no choice but to remain. They now face the loss of many democratic rights and freedoms. As they can no longer protest freely at home, we must be a voice for them and draw attention to a struggle which is ours and theirs.

[Pronounced as “Five D Hong Kong” / “5DHK”]

About the Logo

The logo of DDDDDHK is inspired by the pro-democracy movement and features an iconic yellow helmet. The slogan "Five Demands, Not One Less" calls for a strengthening of Hong Kong’s democracy, not just a withdrawal of the security law.

"Five Demands" + Hong Kong
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